First Aid & Chicken Health

We have a product in our shop that we hope you never need to use. It's our Chicken First Aid Kit.

One night, we had a scare where we thought we had a chick with an impacted crop. Half a dozen YouTube videos later, we realized we had none of the tools to help our chickens during an emergency... and that scared us. We decided it's totally okay to have a box full of stuff sitting in the closet gathering dust for all of time. It's knowing that I have these things when / if I need them that gives us peace of mind. We sifted through a bunch of chicken keeping literature to come up with the list of dry basics here. Some of you may just have some of these items around the house to tend to other pets or even humans and won't need such a kit.


We've included just the dry supplies in our kit so you don't have to worry about expiration dates. Other folks in the chicken keeping community also recommended picking up some antiseptic spray, VetRX, and The Chicken Health Handbook. Even though we don't sell these items today, we wanted to include links for where you can find them: