Three Silkie Chicks at 1 week old - Studio Cluck

Meet Jane (buff), Blanche (white), and Minnie (black), three little silkie chickens-in-residence at Studio Cluck. 

Elevating Pet Chicken Keeping

These lovely ladies have given us the inspiration to elevate pet chicken keeping. Why should keeping chickens be any less well-served than keeping dogs or cats?

We've stocked up our store with companion items for you and your pets. Snag matching sets between tees, bandanas, diapers, and more to come in our exclusively designed Studio Cluck prints.

Built for Small Flocks

When we got our girls, we knew we didn't have room for (or want) more than 3 or 4 chickens. A lot of backyard or pet chicken keeps are in the situation that we are. Yet, so many chicken suppliers for treats, grit, and other necessities are geared towards large industrial flocks. It feels weird buying 50 lbs of grit when we really only needed a few lbs at a time.

Black silkie chick with Chick grit and Meal worms, mealies at Studio Cluck

Want something else?

If there's something you've been looking for, but don't see in the shop, or if you just have feedback for us, would you please let us know? We love hearing from you and it helps us to make our products better for other pet chicken keepers.


With love from our coop to yours!

Leanne, Jane, Blanche, & Minnie 

Three Silkie Chickens in their Rooftop Chicken Coop in Brooklyn at Studio Cluck