Meet Blanche — Our Bearded Silkie

I know, I know as a "parent" you're not supposed to choose favorites, but Blanche is definitely my favorite chicken in our flock. She is our only bearded Silkie and she is the most friendly and docile of the bunch. Her sweet temperament has made her susceptible to being the subject of our photography.

Originally, I was keeping 3 of our flock (Minnie, Blanche, and Jane) in Brooklyn in a roof coop I designed & built. The other 3 (Alice, Betty, and Connie) were staying out on the North Fork with family. Blanche got her name in part because of the Golden Girls, but also because she was the white girl of the flock of 3... like she had been "blanched." Now, all 6 girls have moved out to the country side where they can run around a big back yard and peck away at all the live bugs they can eat.
Our studio cluck chicken Blanche, wearing a fancy custom tutu with her name on it
blanche as a baby chick owner Leanne Luce with favorite chicken Blanche at Studio Cluck owner Leanne Luce with Blanche on her head
Since she was a chick, she has been the friendliest. However, she is also the most likely to have poop on her head on any given day.
blanche headshot
Our chicken Blanche going for a walk on the leash
studio cluck founder & owner Leanne Luce, holding her favorite chicken Blanche wearing a chicken harness
From our coop to yours!
Leanne & the Studio Cluck flock